Students’ Connection With France Growing Stronger

Direct Energie Offers Online Discounts as France Raises Tariffs

Management courses were popular among Indian students, they added. Through this tour, the officials of the Embassy of France in India and Campus France offered students and their parents the opportunity to meet some 20 top French business and engineering institutes. The admission tour was scheduled in four cities including Pune. The Bangalore and Chennai leg of the tour was held in September while the Chandigarh leg will be held on October 5. Caroline Goeny Mentre , heading the scientific and university cooperation at the Embassy of France in India told TOI on Thursday, “In 2000, there were only about 100 students from India studying in France. About five years ago, we created a niche for ourselves in India as far as engineering and management education was concerned. In 2012, 2,600 students from India received admissions into French schools and universities for 700 courses. The rise is encouraging.” Goeny-Mentre said the master’s degree in management in finance, international relations and marketing were the most popular among Indian students. “Besides, we also offer 300 scholarships amounting to Rs 7.1 crore in a year to Indian students in various disciplines which are purely merit based and at the masters level,” she said. To attract more Indian students to France, the embassy in May 2013, eased conditions for obtaining work visas. This allowed a large number of students graduating from French business and engineering schools to extend their stay for work in France. During the admission tour, students got the opportunity to meet the institutes’ representatives followed by a 20-minute interview with the French representatives that allowed students to gain insight into curriculum as well as all scholarship options.

Households are eligible for rebates of as much as 10 percent on the state-set tariffs, it said on its website . France allowed EDF to raise residential electricity rates 5 percent on Aug. 1 and a further 5 percent next year. Last year, the rates were the second-lowest in the European Union, adjusted for average income, according to Eurostat. Frances regulator agreed with companies such as Direct Energie that the low rates meant they couldnt compete against state-controlled utilities. For years EDF was selling below cost of production through regulated rates, Direct Energie Chief Executive Officer Xavier Caitucoli said today on BFM radio. If EDF is allowed to cover its costs, competitors can compete with regulated rates. Its an important change. The opening of the market to competition has been an obstacle course. Direct Energie is gaining about 6,000 new clients a month, he said. The company, which merged with Poweo SA, had 798,000 power and 227,000 gas customers in France last year, compared with the nations 35 million power and 11 million gas buyers. Market Dominance The markets are dominated by former monopolies, according to the latest Commission de Regulation de lEnergie figures. Alternative suppliers including Direct Energie had 8.3 percent of the household power market by volume at the end of June and about a fifth of the market for businesses.


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