Hollywood A-list Turns Out In Force For China’s Version Of The Oscars

Hollywood Opts for Worn Christian Clich├ęs in ‘Prisoner’ Movie

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Intensity and uncertainty drive the movie exploring the fear every parent shares: a child who has vanished without a trace. You can read any number of reviews at Rotten Tomatoes or a Christian perspective at Plugged In . This post does not serve as a full movie review. Instead I want to note one thing: Hollywood’s lazy acceptance of worn cliches about Christians. Warning: Spoiler Alert Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is introduced as a Christian family man. This is evident from the opening scenes of him reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the emphasis on his good relationship with his son. He has a Jesus fish on his work truck, a cross hanging from the rear-view mirror and listens to sermons on the radio. If Franklin Birch (the other father, played by Terrence Howard) had any religious conviction it was played well down in favor of Dover’s overt Christianity. But, when things go south with the missing kids, the first one to lose all composure, question the police, drop f-bombs like he had bought them at a garage sale, threaten a suspect, kidnap the suspect, torture said suspect for nearly a week, deceive the police, lie to his family, and involve other people in his illegal schemes is the Christianfather. That Dover mixes in prayer time and supposed repentance for his acts hardly clarifies things for the viewer. Where are the scenes of Dover meeting with his pastor, men’s group, Sunday school class or mentor, or kneeling beside an open Bible? They do not exist. Further, while Mrs.

From the Chinese industry Jackie Chan, Wong Kar Wai, John Woo each took the stage to present or receive awards. Musical segments ranged from performances by K-Pop star Steve Yoo, Japanese-Brazillian bossa nova singer Lisa Ono, Avril Lavigne (Huadings best global singer), who performed her hits Girlfriend and Heres to Never Growing Up, along with an impassioned song from the winner of the best traditional Chinese opera singer category. With a few small logistical delays and no cap on acceptance speech lengths, the show ran nearly four hours.Translations of the proceedings were intermittent. Stepping behind the podium late in the night to receive her best global actress in motion pictures trophy, Nicole Kidman thanked the crowd and said, I havent understood all of it, but Ive had a great time being a spectator. She added that she hopes to come back and make a film in China — and to show her daughters the country someday. Jackie Chan next presented Tarantino with the best global director in motion pictures award a somewhat surprising honor for the celebrated pop auteur, given the difficulties he encountered in releasing his last film Django Unchained in China (it was suddenly pulled from theaters on its opening day in the country and only re-released weeks later after cuts were made to tone down its bloody sequences Tarantino curtly declined to comment on the imbroglio when asked about it backstage Monday night). Referring to the director as his best friend, Chan thanked Tarantino for all the years he supported both himself and Chinese cinema, back when Jackie Chan was nobody. In his acceptance speech, Tarantino noted his lifelong love for Chinese martial arts cinema and said, When I did Kill Bill, that was my tribute to yalls cinema. I shot that in Beijing at the Beijing Film Studios that Maos wife created, and I was there for a year shooting Kill Bill… I love Chinese cinema, so to get this from the Chinese people and Chinese film industry, means everything to me. Nicolas Cage told THR backstage that he flew in for the event from a village three hours south of Beijing, where he is currently filming Nick Powells Outcast, with Hayden Christensen and Yifei Liu his first project in the country. I was excited to do a film here, as I believe in the genius loci of a place — the ‘genie’ of the place is what I call it and I absorb that energy and it affects performance. So I can tell you 100 percent, that making a movie in China, you know Im buzzing with good energy. He added that he even plans to partially relocate to Hong Kong: I want a base in Asia, and I decided that Hong Kong would be the perfect place for me to have a life. While approaching the stage to accept his award as best actor in motion pictures, Cage went out of his way to shake hands with a young Chinese boy seated near the front of the hall and wearing a Superman costume. In beard and pony tail presumably for his role in Outcast, in which he plays a warrior in Imperial China Cage opened his arms dramatically as if to embrace the crowd and said: Nihao, people of China. Xie xie, people of China.