Escort Start-Up Kit on the Go

In the field of escorting, it is not always guaranteed that the London escort is safe with each male client she sees. And now that Internet is all accessible and free to all, where dating sites are also emerging, how can London city escorts  safely and successfully start on a positive first appearance?

If you want a real simple image, without all the hustle and bustle over the worldwide web, then you can put a free listing or advertisement on any Free Ads Site like CraigsList, Ebay classifieds or any other free classifieds or dating sites. But others would like to launch with a better and more professional-looking image, even though they don’t have the funds for a custom-designed website. You can fake all you want.

There are several cost-effective ways in creating that successful start as an escorts in London. Once you start on one or two successful clients, then you can provide for your next business needs, pay for your apartment, and be reassured with your finances. Soon you become a famous London escorts AKA call-girl

There are a few things you’ll need to launch an escort London career on the Internet.

* Prepare a budget between 200 GBP.

* A high-res digital camera, with self-timer and a tripod

* A face mirror

* Good clothes, props, and locations for a perfect photo

* Transportation

* Internet access

The one most important thing that you’ll need to start as a London escorts online is a website. Getting your own website is like getting your own image too. Most likely, it will create a more professional look for you and will give you sufficient space in expressing yourself compared to a free listing ad online. You don’t have to worry on how much you’ll be spending to get a website, because it’s very cheap that you don’t need to buy a domain name. There are blog websites where you can upload hundreds of your photos and descriptions of you.

Once you successfully registered (registration or sign up if for free on blog sites), you can now upload attractive photos of you. This is the best investment you can have, especially that you’re starting. Make sure that your photo is of good quality, not fuzzy, good lighting, and good angle. Have a good makeup, attractive clothes, striking background, and beautiful poses to complete your whole photo. You can take the photos all by yourself if you want to. But you can also call a professional photographer (a friend maybe that’s good in photography) to assist you in scouting locations, making appropriate poses and angles, criticizing lighting and quality, etc.

More importantly, you should be budget-conscious. This is not a risk to be considered. If you badly need cash, then you should take this seriously or better yet lay down other options other than being an escorts in London. Since you’re still starting, make sure to save every penny you have. Anyway, you’ll get it back once successful clients contact you.

Last but not the least, be very patient. Don’t expect that you’ll have a client right away. It will take a lot of patience and time – maybe a week or two – for you to have a client. Once it pours, it will really rain.