Would you Fancy booking duo London Escorts

We all have our deep and secret fantasies which we hide and one day when they surface, they can take us by the storm. What if you discover yours is wanting to spend a night with duo escorts london ? There is nothing wrong with that. You can make your fantasy come true in London.

London escort agencies have girls who specialise in sexy encounters . These girls are so much open and fun to be around with. They can make your fantasy some true. All you need to do is give a London escort agency a telephone call and choose your escorts in London.

London escorts can work for couples too. London escort agencies have girls with a wide range of preferences working for them. If you as a couple find your relationship in need of a little bit more sparkle, then you can book escorts in London for the night. Bisexual ladies are available who can be as gentle as you want them or can get as wild as you will let them.


A night to remember

It can be awkward getting normal friends or colleagues to participate in your wildest desires. However the London escorts are trained ladies who will bring to you an experience that you will never forget. It is important to remember that you hire them for their services and it is best to be open with what you want.

London escort agencies are open for nearly the whole of the 24 hours. Therefore you do not need to worry that it will be too late to call in a London escort. These ladies offer both in call and out call services. If you are new to the city of London, and don’t know your way around well in call could work better for you.


Discover the city with an expert

If you are totally new to the city and would like a sexy lady showing you around, a London escort could do a perfect job of it. These ladies are well versed in many other languages apart from English. It is important to state your preferences when you call the London escort agency.

This way you can be sure to have the date which you so much deserve. London escorts are almost always dating and they can show you around the city. You can have the most wonderful dates in the most exotic restaurants. In addition to that, it will be great to hang around with not only a good looking partner but also one who is well known.

The Your Escorts London is one of the top agencies which employs girls who are well vetted and will be safe to guide you all around. Their great personalities will help you relax and the knowledge that they belong to a reputable agency will allow you to have a safe time with them.

London escort agencies go to great lengths to train these beautiful looking girls in how to handle nearly every social situation that they may encounter. However the safety of your London escort is also your responsibility. Have safe fun and be time conscious with your lady. Pay her for her great services in advance.



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Secret Life Of London Escorts

My secret life

by Veronique MsCourtesan

It was a few minutes before 10 pm at London Euston station. The last train to Manchester was due to depart every minute, if only I could catch it. ‘Out of my way!’, I was screaming in my mind trying not to knock anyone over, struggling to balance in my 5 inch heels. ‘Remember to stick some flats in your bag next time‘, I thought to myself. At the very last minute I managed to jump on the train and the doors locked behind me. Having found my seat in the first class cabin, I stretched out my sore feet and could feel the pressure getting off my shoulders. “Would you like a refreshment madam?”, the waiter asked me. “A glass of red wine would be marvellous, thank you”, I replied.

Life is beautiful I thought to myself, looking at my handbag, and knowing how much money I made in the last few hours. Chatting over heavenly delicious food, followed by one hour of seductive passion in a luxurious London hotel. The men on the train were looking at me, trying to make it as unnoticeable as possible, wondering who this red-haired femme fatale was. And this is what you should know; I am an escort and not just any escort but the most regarded Independent London Escort . Two years ago I decided to take my fortune in my own hands. I quit an ungrateful job and started working for myself as a Mature London Escort at website www.mscourtesan.com . I suppose that in your early 30th, you can regard yourself as being mature. Not for your looks of course but for your mature mind and your life experience. Working for an agency has never been an option for me, I always wanted to be an Independent London Escort. That is the only way you can pick the clients you wish to see. And like every girl I have my very own preferences. My ideal client is a kind gentleman, who takes you out to fancy dinners, who spoils you like a little princess with small appreciations and invites you to luxurious holidays – time paid of course.


I closed my eyes, enjoying the fruity flavour of the wine on my tongue. Thinking back of today’s client made me smile. Aren’t men like kids in a candy shop who get excited about the look of an attractive woman. A little twinkle with an eye, a slight bite on your lip, a seductive look deeply into the man’s eyes, and this is it, he is doomed forever. The best High class London escort can seduce a man without taking her clothes off. And this is a skill that only a Mature London Escort can claim to have.

My lovely client was a real gem compared to all the guys you normally meet in a bar, who think you belong to them for the price of one pint. Already in his introduction email he was showing great respect towards me and genuine interest in spending quality time with a lady. All he wanted to have is to meet a Mature Manchester Escort, who knew how to present herself in public. An High class London Escort from www.londonsleadingladies.com/ who was smart, interesting and seductively tantalising. Wearing only the finest lingerie that made her delicious curves look jaw-dropping. He did not want a young girl but a Mature London Escort who could present not only life experience but also a certain level of intellect and highest skills of seduction.


The announcement of the arrival at Manchester Piccadilly brought me back from my day-dream. ‘Home sweet home‘, I thought to myself! I love visiting London especially when in company of a discerning gentleman but I would not exchange Manchester, my lovely home for London.

Most of my clients are from the North. They are either successful businessmen who are looking for a little distraction after a stressful meetings, divorced or widowed men who need to find their happiness again or simply married men who seek an excitement in their boring and passion-free lives. All those different men have one thing in common, and that is their naughty secret – me! They are not interested in visiting freshly imported Eastern European girls in their incall apartments, no they want to spoil themselves to the very best Independent Manchester Escort, a real lady whose service is not limited to pure physical stimulation but who is their secret friend, their life coach, their companion and their sex-guru. They want their Manchester Mature Escort to look fabulous in public and want to pride themselves in her company.


Having arrived in my cosy home I could feel the desire for a hot bubble bath with a good book. Life is beautiful, I cannot mention it often enough! Would I ever stop being an Independent Manchester Escort or a London Mature Escort, no I won’t! How can you say no to something that you enjoy most: Attention, excitement, glamour, passion, seduction and prior to all Money!

With all my love,

your naughty secret – Veronique x


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